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Our Beliefs



I believe in God, the Father Almighty...


The Ss. Peter and Paul is a Traditional Catholic Latin Mass  Church, dedicated to preserving the integral faith of our Church, as it was revealed by God and passed down through the tradition of the centuries.  We lament the dangers to souls caused by the so-called reforms of the Second Vatican Council, and offer a haven of true Catholicism where the faithful can turn in the peace and assurance that they may receive all the benefits of the one true faith.  We reject all the novelties and inherent contradictions of modernism within the conciliar "Church", and instead welcome all men and women of good will who want to learn about the Faith of our Fathers, or who simply want to help preserve it for themselves and for their children.


Our Worship


O Lord, open thou our lips, and our mouth shall shew forth thy praise...

Liturgical prayer is the expression of our faith, and thus we are equally dedicated to the preservation of the traditional liturgy, as practiced before the reforms of Vatican II.  Conscious of the insidious efforts by various liturgical "reformers" as early as the 1950s, we hold steadfast to the rites and rubrics established long before these first steps were taken towards the new Mass and Breviary.  We welcome men and women from all over the world, every race and tongue, who will find, here at The Cathedral of Ss. Peter and Paul, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered in the common language of the Church, the venerable Latin Tridentine Mass.


Our Life as Catholics


O Lord, save thy people, and bless thine heritage...

To be a Catholic is so much more than what we believe and how we worship God.  It goes to the very essence of our being, and it is who we are.  The changes of Vatican II caused a grave identity crisis in the Church--our faith was watered down to make it conform with that of other religions, and our Mass was transformed before our very eyes into a Protestant communion service (the Vatican even brought in Protestant ministers to write the new Mass).  But it went far beyond that, attacking all the peripherals that made us Catholic.  Gone suddenly were the priests in cassocks, and nuns in habit, to be replaced by altar girls, Eucharistic ministers, grinning "Deacon Bobs" with wife and yelping kids in tow, and short-haired, trousered women clamoring to be ordained.  Gone were the old-time disciplines and customs like fish on Friday, genuflections, Sunday morning Mass, Benediction, Rosary processions, tabernacles on the main altar of the Church.  In fact, gone too was the altar itself, the communion rail, the pulpit, the stained glass, the statues, and so on and so on until we were left with exactly nothing of the "old" religion.  All was new, changed, modern, and unfortunately at the same time ugly, false and sacrilegious.  Our Bishop saw all this very clearly as each gradual change was introduced.  By the early 1970s already, men and women had begun to desert the Church's seminaries, convents and missions.  Even the pews were beginning to empty as Catholics discovered they could be taught the same "faith", and worship God the same way at any of the town's protestant chapels.  The things which had all added up to make them Catholic had ceased to exist, and the faithful discovered they had been left faithless.  The  Ss. Peter and Paul Latin Mass Church dares to remain loyal to the beliefs, the worship, and the whole way of life of our Catholic forefathers.  We do so in the hope of providing a true sanctuary for all those souls given the grace to recognize that "something is wrong" in Rome.




Make me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me...

Newcomers are always made to feel welcome at the  Ss. Peter and Paul Traditional Catholic Latin Mass Church, and we do not necessarily expect them immediately to understand and fit in with our traditional customs and way of life.  We are essentially not very different from anyone else, all trying, hopefully our best, to please God in our various walks of life.  However, we are conscious of our fallen nature, and are all of us sinners and subject to temptations and distractions.  With this in mind, we do adhere strictly to a certain code of behavior, especially inside the church.  if you are new to the traditional way of doing things, we hope you will learn to respect and love our traditions and make them your own.  It is one of our aims in the church to provide a safe haven away from the distractions of the outside world, and to do this we do require an environment in sharp contrast with the giddy and bustling Novus Ordo church, with its loud conversations, its inappropriately casual and sometimes even immodest dress, its buzzing cell phones and uncontrolled children.  We provide kits for our newcomers that explain our dress codes and other regulations, which we hope you will find refreshing rather than intimidating. 



Our Mission


The officers and congregation of  Ss. Peter and Paul Traditional  Catholic Latin Mass Church asserting their unswerving allegiance and devotion to the Holy Catholic Church: that is; to the Catholic Faith as handed down by her 2000 year old Magisterium through Holy Tradition; to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (in an authentic rite); to the Holy Sacraments Our Lord entrusted to her; to the Primacy of the See of Rome whose rule and power were bestowed by Our Lord on St. Peter and his successors, the Popes; to the Apostles and their successors, the Bishops; and to all the religious customs Our Holy Mother the Church has given to us through the centuries.


It is for these ends and our desire to remain faithful to that Magisterium and these Traditions that Traditional Catholic Parishes, Missions, Chapels and Oratories is established, that is, to enable faithful Catholics to practice this allegiance in these turbulent times that have descended upon us after the Second Vatican Council with its errors, false teachings, collapse of the Magisterium of the Church, and her giving in to the "Children of this World". It is for these reasons that we remain independent from the local Church. It is also for these reasons that we align ourselves with the Traditional  Catholic Latin Mass Church  whose ends are the same, that is, to pass on that Faith whole and entire, unchanged, as it was received from Christ by the Apostles and passed down through the centuries to our own time in an unbroken line. We, likewise, look to the The Traditional  Catholic Latin Mass Church for the Sacrament of Confirmation, the Holy Oils to be used in Sacraments, for the cases of supplied jurisdiction that is necessary, and for both practical and spiritual guidance in these difficult times in the Church. We desire to keep good relations with those other groups desiring to practice that same Catholic Faith. The Traditional Catholic Latin Mass Church shall, because of the present situation in the Church since the Second Vatican Council, keep its distance from the official local Catholic Church as long as it remains in these errors and does not return, undoubtedly, to the Catholic Tradition.






Preserving our Roman Catholic Heritage


Our church was founded in 2003 in order to preserve the Faith of our Fathers, which found itself openly under attack from within after the Second Vatican Council.  With the introduction of the new rite of Mass by Paul VI, the very validity of the Sacraments was now called into question, and it became imperative for the faithful to have a place to turn where they could be certain their souls would not be placed in jeopardy and at the mercy of false shepherds.








The Sacraments



Our eternal salvation depends on God's gift of Baptism, by which Sacrament original sin is removed from our soul and we are admitted into the life of the church.  It is therefore very important that parents attend to their sacred duty by having their children baptized as soon as they can safely be brought to the church.  In choosing godparents please remember the grave obligations these persons undertake to bring up your children as Catholics in the event you are not able to do so yourself.  For this reason, at least one of the godparents must be a practicing traditional Catholic.  The customary stole fee is $20.



Confessions are heard before Sunday Masses as well as during the week and by appointment.  Our priests welcome the opportunity to make this healing Sacrament available to all who come with the right dispositions.  Leaflets are available at the back of the church which contain prayers that may be used before and after Confession as well as an Examination of Conscience.


Holy Communion

In the context of the new religion which the New Mass expresses, everyone is expected and encouraged to receive Communion, no matter what.  This perhaps may have been your experience.  Our practice here, however, is different.  Catholic law and tradition emphasize the seriousness and the sanctity of the act of receiving the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.  While you are most welcome to assist at Mass with us whenever you wish, we trust that you will respect our requirements for receiving Holy Communion:

  • You must be a baptized practicing member of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • You must be in a state of grace, in other words, not in a state of mortal sin.
  • You must be fasting.  The rules for the Communion fast are three hours for solid food and alcohol, and one hour for liquids other than water.  Water and most medications may be taken at any time before Communion.

We respectfully ask newcomers to refrain from receiving Holy Communion unless you intend to assist at the traditional Mass exclusively and to refrain from assisting at the New Mass.  We understand that this is a major decision to make, and for some, a difficult one.  But since we believe the New Mass does represent a new religion, this decision should absolutely precede your reception of the Holy Eucharist here.  [Note:  Please take the time to make an informed decision. We have prepared a little booklet, Welcome to the Traditional Latin Mass, to assist you in understanding the differences between the traditional Mass and the New Mass. It is available free of charge to newcomers, and you may obtain a copy at the literature table or in the vestibule.]



Whenever we receive notice of the upcoming visit of the bishop, the date and time for Confirmations is announced at the Sunday Mass and in the Church bulletin, as well as here on the parish website.  Details will be given at that time regarding the testing of confirmands and so on.



Our priests look forward to working with our engaged couples on their plans for their church wedding, and of course through their pre-Cana instruction on their proposed married status.  Those intending marriage at The Ss. Peter and Paul Traditional Catholic Latin Mass Church should approach the clergy, therefore, as soon as they make their decision to become engaged.  We would be happy to conduct the brief but beautiful betrothal ceremony, if you like, either privately or publicly, and to discuss with you all aspects of your wedding ceremony.  We will also make arrangements for the series of instructions and talks, and also for the Reading of the Banns.  The stole fee for weddings is $50.


Sick Calls

Please inform us if you are unable to attend Mass because of sickness or disability, and let us know if you would like a visit from the clergy.  We would appreciate too if you would let us know when one of your loved ones is hospitalized or gravely ill, so that we can make arrangements to visit and if necessary and desired, administer the Sacraments of Penance and Extreme Unction, and bring Holy Communion or Viaticum.



When the sad time of bereavement comes, you will often find it helpful to speak with a priest about your loss.  While we cannot take away your pain, our holy Faith does teach us how to cope with it and not lose hope in the Resurrection.  In practical terms, our clergy will assist you in making arrangements for the funeral, working with you in cooperation with the funeral home to lighten your burden and provide all the comforting rites of Holy Church.  The stole fee for a funeral is $100 if the priest is able to go to the cemetery, otherwise $50.


Mass Intentions

When submitting a Mass intention to the priests, please print clearly the name of the person(s) for whom you wish the Mass to be said, and whether they are living or deceased.  You should also state if the Mass is to be said for someone who is not of the Catholic Faith.  The usual Mass Stipend, for the personal support of the priest for one day, is $20.

If an unduly large number of Mass intentions are received so that a prolonged delay would occur before your Mass can be offered, we may transfer your intentions and stipends to other priests of the Traditional Roman Catholic Church.


Two difficulties have arisen of late which may affect your reception of the Sacraments at Ss.Peter and Paul Traditional Catholic Latin Mass Church:


  • The first of these difficulties lies with the often invalid administration of the Sacrament of Baptism in the new Church.  Often times, the priest will alter the essential words ("I baptize you...," etc.) or change part of the essential ceremony (pouring water over the child's head while saying the essential words, for instance).  We have come across many instances of both, and obviously this has led to the need for some people to be conditionally baptized before receiving any of the other sacraments.
  • The second difficulty is rapidly becoming widespread.  Because the "marriage annulments" handed out by diocesan tribunals are now often based on spurious reasons and amount to little more than a "church divorce" (this too, has been amply documented), they pose a grave spiritual peril for those who have received them in certain cases.

If you or your children have received Baptism in the new rite, or if you have received an annulment, please speak with one of our priests privately before being admitted to Holy Communion or the other sacraments.  He will be happy to help you resolve any difficulties in these areas.







Dress Code

Since the changes in the Church, few parishes these days have a dress code.  Here, however, we still believe that modest and appropriate attire at Mass is a sign of respect for Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament and of fraternal charity toward our neighbor.  Please observe the following rules:

  • Women and girls should have their heads covered. (Chapel veils or mantillas are available at the literature table or in the vestibule.)
  • Slacks, short skirts (those which do not extend below the knees), shorts, and sleeveless or revealing clothes are forbidden.
  • Suggested dress for men is jacket and tie.  
  • Jeans and other forms of casual dress are inappropriate.


A Respectful Silence

In many parish churches these days, it is considered acceptable to carry on conversations on church before or after Mass, or to make occasional comments to one's neighbors during the course of the service.


Here, however, we request that you follow the custom of maintaining silence in church before, during and after Mass. It is a sign of reverence in the presence of God and demonstrates your spirit of consideration toward those who wish to pray in silence.


Cell Phones

Please remember to shut off cell phones (or at least turn them on vibrate) before entering the church.



Please avoid taking flash photography during Mass and other services unless prior permission has been given by the pastor.


Chapel Veils

Veils are provided in the chapel vestibule for women and girls entering the chapel without any head covering. Please be sure to return these veils after each use. Note that it is preferred that all women and girls purchase their own veils (available at the Bookstore) so the veils in the vestibule are available for those who really need them.



Parking is available to all. Please do not block the driveway. If you do not have a handicap sticker in your car, please do not use handicap parking Thank you.





Becoming a Member


 Ss. Peter and Paul Traditional  Catholic 

Latin Mass Church




Mass and Reception of the Eucharist

While all are welcome to attend our Mass and other services, the reception of Holy Communion is restricted to only practicing Roman Catholics who are fasting and in a state of grace.  This is a requirement of the Church. The partaking of the Body of Christ by the Mystical Body of Christ is a mark of the unity of the Church, and this seamless garment may not be rent asunder by the intrusion of those are not God's "people and the sheep of his pasture."


Speak with the Pastor

We ask that you make an appointment with the pastor after Mass, and discuss with him your current affiliations and goals.  If necessary, he will help to explain some of the difficulties with the new Conciliar Church, and advise you on the need to commit fully to the unchanged Faith and Mass of our Fathers.


Complete the Registration Form

Once you have decided to make this kind of commitment, and wish to become a member of the Parish Cathedral, you should then complete our registration form.  These are to be found on the table in the vestibule and may be left in the offering basket or brought to the sacristy.  Please be sure to notify us (by the same form) of any change of address, phone number or e-mail.






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